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Queen of Hearts Raffle Game Rules

Tickets will cost $1.00 each, six (6) for $5.00 or thirty (30) for $20.


Legibly print your first and last name and the number of an available card on the back of the ticket and return to seller. Not all tickets need to have the same number.


Ticket sales will close at 3:00pm sharp every Sunday. Drawing will be held as soon as monies are counted and jackpot amount is determined.


One ticket will be drawn. That ticket winner will receive $50 just for having their ticket drawn. The number that was written on the back of the ticket will be used to reveal one of the available cards. If the ticket winner is present at the time of the drawing he/she will have the option of staying with the number they wrote on the back of the ticket or choosing any other number available at that time. If the ticket does not have a number and the winner is not present, the first available number (in numerical order) will be opened. If the Queen of Hearts is revealed the winner will win 50% of the total jackpot.


The jackpot will be capped at $50,000. When ticket sales reach that amount no more tickets will be sold, on that Saturday winners will be drawn until the Queen of Hearts is located.


If a Joker is revealed, the winner receives 5% of the jackpot.

If one of the other Queens is revealed, the winner receives 4% of the jackpot.

If an Ace is revealed, the winner receives 3% of the jackpot.


Initial funding for the game will be $1000.00


No prize money from the jackpot pool will be released to the winner until all necessary information is provided in person for IRS documentation and reporting. All winners of $600 or more will receive a W-2g.


You do not need to be present to win